Tuesday, December 1, 2015

What a busy year...

The Journey:

The first seven months of 2015 were somewhat turbulent, but we were blessed with a roof over our heads, the chance for buddy-boy and grandma to bond, time to discover which part of town was best suited for our family, tons of house-hunting opportunities, with daddy living in Fresno, and mommy and boy living in Prunedale.

June: Discovering The Home

Daddy and I had scrounged up a long list of homes we wanted to see, and dwindled that list to 10.  We visited most of these homes, not quite happy with what we saw.  When little boy and I made it home, I found a house that I was very interested in.  It sat within the triangle of high schools I was interested in. It was in a gated community.  The backyard was beautifully landscaped.

 Settling In:

With help from daddy's shop group, we were able to unpack the moving truck in a matter of hours.  It would take about a week to have the house set up the way we liked it.  There are still rooms that are needing boxes unpacked.  Due to the drought, water restrictions, and triple digit temperatures, the poor grass became brown, and little boy was not too thrilled to play on it.  Our new Ward gave us callings right away, and soon became our new extended family.  We love teaching our 13-year old Sunday School class.  I've gotten back into running, and completed my 10K goal before the end of 2015.  I had set a goal to run 10-miles by Valentines Day, but due to illness, have had to extend the deadline.  Little boy will be turning 2 in 12 days.  We are very excited for that.